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Junior Players has provided FREE arts education (including visual, performing, media, and dance) programming to the youth of North Texas since 1955. Delivered in local recreation and cultural centers, low-income housing developments, elementary, middle and high schools, and through social service agencies serving at-risk youth, our goal is to encourage, empower and enable as many children and youth as possible each year.

Our exceptional staff of artists tailor programming to meet the specific needs of children ages 5 to 18.  Through before and after school programs and workshops, children are able to explore and learn how to creatively express themselves. In partnership with local agencies, we also produce a number of theater productions which showcase the talent of our participants. 

To contact a member of our Program Department, please email Program and Office Manager, Stacey Key, at

If you are interested in bringing Junior Players programming to your school, click here for program and booking information!

Learn more about our individual programs and how to enroll by clicking on the following links: