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The theme for this year's gala is "Regency Reinvented" and dressing to theme is not only allowed, it's encouraged! Read below to learn more about Regency fashion - what it was and how it can be reinvented to serve modern day fashion!

Regency fashion is perhaps most well-known for the staples mentioned in the below graphics.

Women were known for wearing light colored and flowy dressed with an empire waist and puff sleeves. They typically accessorized with either ribbons around their waist and in their hair or jewels, depending on the occasion. Necklaces were often princess necklaces or chokers and gloves were adorned for special events.

Men, on the other hand, tended to have more form fitting clothing than the women. Shirts were made of linen and had attached collars, but waistcoats were high-waisted and squared off at the bottom. Coats were cutaway in front with long skirts or tails and had tall standing collars and boots, typically Hessian boots, became a mainstay in men's footwear.

But what does this look like today?

The short answer is, it looks like a lot of different things! For the intents and purposes of this gala, we encourage all of our guests to pick the elements of Regency Era fashion that you find the most appealing and reinvent it for 2024! Whether you arrive decked out in regency style gear, or opt to adorn regency accessories, there's no wrong way to express yourself through fashion. When in doubt, follow our event color scheme indicated in the below graphic!

We cannot wait to see what YOU reinvent!

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  • TACA
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