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Donate now!

Donate Now!

Junior Players exists to encourage, empower and enable North Texas children and youth through the arts. We have the resources and staff to deliver exceptional programming to disenfranchised youth. To bring our vision to reality, all that’s missing is you.

"Junior Players is Opportunity"

As a nonprofit, Junior Players relies on the generous support of individuals, corporations and foundations to provide free, high quality arts programming that empowers young voices in North Texas and beyond. 

To help empower young voices, and equip more youth with confidence, we need your support. All funds will go towards helping youth discover and develop their potential. 

"It gives people hope. There's many kids in Dallas - there's many kids all over the world - who might have a love for theater, who might have a love for storytelling, who might have a love for dance, playwrighting, anything but they don't have the funds - they don't have the means to get to it and Junior Players offers that completely free"

Help us make a difference in the lives of 15,000 kids and teens! By choosing to support Junior Players, you’re committing to empowering young voices in our community.

A gift acknowledgement will be emailed to the email address specified below. We respect your desire for privacy and will not share your email address with third parties.