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DPAC Festival

Dallas Playwriting Arts Collective (D-PAC) is a partnership between Junior Players, Kitchen Dog Theater, and the Dallas Independent School District to provide innovative programs and opportunities for high school playwrights and culminates in a festival on April 30, 2022 where the selected schools will perform. The D-PAC partnership allows Junior Players and Kitchen Dog to serve an additional 1,000 DISD students through ongoing playwriting master classes throughout the school year.

All current Dallas Independent School District students currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to participate in the D-PAC festival and 3 scripts from the D-PAC festival will be selected to be performed during Playwrights Under Progress (PUP Fest) on June 11, 2022. In order to participate in the D-PAC Festival, download the below cover letter and bring it to your Dallas Independent School District theater teacher!