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Dance Production

Junior Players produced a 5-year dance series titled The Transformation Project, and hopes to continue this production with a brand new series soon. This production, like The Transformation Project, will pair professional choreographers with fifteen to twenty of North Texas' most talented and well deserving high school dancers. The theme of the performance will center on the Junior Players tag line: "transforming kids' lives through the arts" and will culminate a thought-provoking finale exploring the evolution of the community issues that our students see currently affecting their lives. Our professional choreographers will then partner with the students to set their thoughts and emotions to dance, movement and fight choreography in order to create an hour-long dance performance.

The purpose of this project is to provide a safe environment for students in our community to come together and discuss any issues they may be facing either at home, at school, or on the streets of our communities. This program concludes with several performances in July, providing students dealing with any personal issues with extensive non-violent alternatives and outlets. Students will also be exposed to the process of creating new work and performing that work for their family, friends, peers, and community members. Not only do the students receive artistic support and education, but they receive invaluable social growth and increased cultural awareness.

All updates regarding Junior Players' Dance Production, including audition and ticketing information, will be posted here.