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About Us

Laura Payne

Laura Payne is a freelance performer in Dallas/Fort Worth, as well as an executive assistant at DalFort Capital Partners. She received her Bachelors in Arts in Theater from Vanderbilt University, and immediately went to graduate school at Brown University/Trinity Rep to receive her Masters in Acting. After a small stint in New York, she moved back to Dallas to contribute to the arts in her hometown. She has worked at many theater's in the area including Dallas Children's Theater, Casa Manana Theater, Water Tower Theater and more. Her passion for the performing and theater extends beyond her love of being onstage and she hopes to make a difference by spreading the joy and importance of local theater to her favorite city. She is also a proud alumni of the Mayor's Star Council. When not onstage or at her "day job" you can find Laura spending time with friends and family in her backyard.